About the mother company

Luss Gruppo di Moda is the organizational unit of Luss Textile d.o.o., formed as a result of clients’ need for reliable and responsible partners in the field of making men’s and women’s highest quality clothing. Dedicated to precision, masterful craftsmanship with an emphasis on demanding design solutions, Luss Gruppo di Moda speaks the language of companies that choose production quality and reliability, and strive for long-term cooperation and mutual trust.

The backbone of our work is quality, efficiency and superior service. The high-quality technical equipment and good organizational capacity allow us to accept and process all inquiries of ever-growing demands of the fashion market.

The productive and flexible structure of the Luss Gruppo di Moda enables the application of innovative ideas and additionally motivates it to examine its own boundaries and potential reach in the industry.

Luss Gruppo di Moda is a licensee of the Italian fashion brands Sonia Speciale and Carlo Giaccaro, whose collections have been successfully presented and sold across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. These brands are backed by experienced Italian designers and an expert team of Luss Gruppo di Moda, and they thoroughly keep track of the process – from the idea to the final product and its placement.