Social Responsibility

Our employees have exceptional working conditions – from safety at work and adequate lighting to adequately equipped working space. A constant intake of fresh air and comfortable working temperature are important because of the required amount of oxygen. The kitchen, canteen and infirmary are all equipped according to high standards and are located within the factory. Also, employees have organized transportation to and from the workplace at their disposal.

We also take care of the environment – our factory is maximally adjusted to keep emissions at the lowest possible level, and we are completely independent of the use of energy such as oil, gas and coal.

  • We use wood pellets, a renewable, environmentally friendly energy source, to heat the factory
  • We use solar panels to heat water
  • The plant’s refrigeration system is of the highest energy efficiency class
  • Waste management for recycling is carried out in accordance with legal regulations

Cooperation with the Municipality of Raška includes numerous donations and humanitarian actions, as we have a sincere desire to be an integral part of the local society. We are always ready to be a part of projects designed for the common good.